VirusTotal API v3 Overview

Looking for your VirusTotal API key? Jump to the following link while signed in to VirusTotal:

API version 3 is now the default and encouraged way to programmatically interact with VirusTotal. It greatly improves API version 2, which, for the time being, will not be deprecated. This new API was designed with ease of use and uniformity in mind and it is inspired in the specification.

This API follows the REST principles and has predictable, resource-oriented URLs. It uses JSON for requests and responses, including errors.


Latest version

VT API v3 is the preferred way to programmatically interact with VirusTotal. While older API endpoints are still available and will not be deprecated, we encourage you to migrate your workloads to this new version. It exposes far richer data in terms of: IoC relationships, sandbox dynamic analysis information, static information for files, YARA workloads management, crowdsourced detection details, etc.